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August 22, 2016


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Just to clarify because I think maybe Avalon and Smith think that I mean this: I don't mean each individual self is not a monism unto itself (i.e. I don't see the self as composite). I just don't buy that both self and matter are really self or that matter is only a dream or that all selves are really the same self.

David Brainerd: Who ever said reality must be reasonable (i.e. conform to your views)? Avalon spoke correctly to you. Reality is AS IT IS, not as YOU, governed by desire, wandering in samsara, defiled by every imaginable unskilled thought and action picked up through uncountable forms of existence whilst dwelling in a state of total ignorance, would like it to be. Your view is inverted and yet mind has only ever been the source of your every whim, view and caprice, every pleasure and every sorrow. What is lacking for you to perceive it?

mathesis: perhaps you should consider the twin-fold nature of illusion in regard to the snake-and-rope analogy. There is the illusion of concealment (not seeing the rope as a rope), as well as the veil of false imagining (seeing the rope as something else, i.e. a snake). You may not see the snake, but have you perceived the rope correctly?


There is a reason why Linji (Rinzai) addressed his monks with these words;

"The Master took the high seat in the Hall. He said: 'on your lump of red flesh is a true man without rank who is always going in and out of the face of every one of you. Those who have not yet proved him, look, look!"

"Look at the wooden puppets performing on the stage!
Their jumps and jerks all depend on the man behind."

As I said in my initial comment. It is all a matter of Point of View. As yours is presently positional, your response was a natural one. One born out of the ignorance of seeing (behind a set of eyes) this specific configuration of Mind you deem as "a world" and your present "material prison", as "a body".

When you awake to the "True Man of no rank", you realize instantly the delusion you 've been attached to and the false perception of what really is a body of flesh and a world of apparent solid form and space moving temporally into one direction si merely Mind´s extremely dynamic Essence configured into a myriad objects appearing as "self-real" in themselves, due to apparent solidity, mass, smell and other forms of sensate interactions between them and your created false consciousness affirming every particle and wave form of this world.

But as I said, until you realize Mind Only, your position of consciousness will be "in" that body. And you will cultivate various ideas of an inside and outside until death knocks on the door of your consciousness.

Of all the pains and misfortunes in the world, self-ignorance is second to none.

@Avalon: I would say you are incorrect because even if you become fully awakened, although you've disassociated from the body and know yourself as pure mind/soul, you're still stuck in/with the body until death, and only THEN do you truly achieve final liberation. This demonstrates that the physical wotld is NOT merely a dream, but that matter is real, and you must really exit it. If it were a mere dream, you should exit immediately upon awakening, with no need for the body to die first to achieve parinibbana.

re;avalons comment to brainerd - lol. the confusion is clear. lol. thats the view.

as to clarification of brainerds problem in understanding, and virtually the rest of the entire world as well for that matter: only experiencing the truth is knowing the truth. The words cannot encompass or encapsulate the truth. All of the things written in the referenced texts are true, But they are not understood by many. That is the nature of the truth. those who wrote, wrote words on different levels of directed audiences, One speaking to the lay person who has little wisdom to understand. Another writing and speaking from and to other buddhas. to those who have experienced, to the wise. Therefore, the samsara is not transcended by words, the truth is not penetrated by words, or by the mind thinking. It is counter-intuitive, it is elusive, hard to find. The words are only intended to help and encourage the seeking and the pursuit of the truth. The various levels of understanding mean that never the twain shall meet in the samsaric, including the level of words and ideas expressed in words. This defines the problem. The solution is experiencing IT, being IT. That will never change. the truth never changes. Nothing else can be said.

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