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August 17, 2016


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Very well written article!

There is a video documentary on Youtube about Liberia and "General Butt Naked".

After watching the video, I am so damn glad I was not born there. Even the Detroit ghetto is 'heaven' when compared to the sufferings that go on in Liberia.

There are indeed demonic forces behind this madness. Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization according to non- main stream media sites and blogs, is also an instrument of the psychopathic globalist/elite. Its agenda is to accelerate the ghetto-rization process of America's black communities.



Then, according to Red Ice Radio, the goal of destroying white American culture/christian religion and race is next. Many online sources warn about electing Clinton as next president. She is bought and paid for the globalists. She is for open border and that means more Muslim immigrants to the US.

Take UK for example, the white women there are afraid to walk through Muslim neighborhoods. There is high potential of encountering 'sharia patrols' or getting raped or attacked. And don't try to drink beers in those neighborhoods because the chance of getting vicious beaten by the patrol is very high.

What does this tell you? it means that you as a Christian/Hindu/Buddhist, instead of peacefully practicing your faith, must cater to this violence religion in the name of 'politically correctedness'.

Ultimately, the clear and main goal of these psychopaths is to create suffering for the fun of it. And don't ask why they do this...... It is an illogical logic that makes no sense at all to common/normal folks. But to these sick people, they are delightful of it.


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