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August 31, 2016


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Good article!

Speaking of violent Islamic 'religion', here is another Red Ice Radio episode to open these liberal Westerners mind :)


Listen to the whole episode and see Islam for what it really is....

According to the guess speaker, Dr. Warner, only the people in the West mistakenly view Islam as a religion, whereas the very own Arabic/Muslim people see their Islam merely as a 'way of life'. To put it bluntly, Dr. Bill Warner also implies there is no holiness in Islam at all.

In introspection, these Muslims are not at fault for coming to the West, refuse to assimilate while imposing violence on those who don't convert/cater to Islam. However, the one to blame are the Westerners themselves for falling asleep.

In the deep of ignorance, they allow ongoing crisis/demise to take place. They are under hypnotic by the powerful group of the elite/bankers who wish to rule and enslave the world.

Europe needs to vote in power the leaders who oppose mass Muslim immigration and globalism. What they need is to bring in the Buddhist version of Dharmapala (Dharma Protector). Bringing in the Guardian Angels so the light can keep them awake and on guard against the demonic forces that are causing havoc right now.


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