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July 19, 2016


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How unfortunate that so few understand the true message of the Buddha; How even more unfortunate that so many twist the message of the Buddha and hold onto their erroneous conceptualization as if it were ultimate truth.

You're one of the few that seems to really understand this in the west, it has caused me to fall into disillusionment with other practitioners in the west and I have decided to stay away from them.

My only goal will be to do as this says, make the light of mahayana manifest, through reconnecting with the sacred/divine/spirit.

It seems that any other path, the path of teaching others through dialogue and Sutras, has passed. They have twisted and corrupted these paths, there is only one left and that is to be a direct example.

These days people fall into the four maladies during meditation, very few understand that the way through without any of these four mistakes is through the energetic process; through the path of bodhi, the light of mahayana.

Since it seems a waste of time to try and educate others in this path, it seems far better to bring it to completion on its own and then serving as an example, teach the world.

I appreciate your posts, thanks!

I have barely even glimpsed the substance of my thoughts : (

It's really hard.

I have meditated and meditated and I am reading the Lankavatara Sutra (D.T. Suzuki translation). Sigh.

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