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July 17, 2016


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You might be interested in the discussion I have been having on the self and the unconditioned here, which I think has been quite fruitful (from my perspective anyway) http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=27026

Especially on page 5 where I find out Buddhaghosa was apparently an Ajivika. If only there were more honest scholars then finding this stuff would not be like pulling teeth.

absolutely agree. The rot is quite thorough. hard to synapse in any single paragraph, because it is deep, wide, and complex. I'll chime this little add-on, the false education, not just the brainwashing/mind-conditioning at the primary levels, but the false education at the university level is also an important aspect of the problem. Most people come out of universities with degrees which are nothing but pieces of paper which attest to the fact that you probably are ok to be employed, because you fit the bill as having gone through the system of false education and actually more indoctrination on how not to reason, question, or know truth, and you didn't make waves or question that system. The university is so far from being a place of true education and learning how to reason, question, and find or seek truth. They are shams for the masses to claim to be educated. And through their systemic corruption and false knowledge, and indoctrination into false knowledge and false minded learning, they serve to perpetuate and support the corruption of the rest of the social order. It's actually so late in that sense, that crime has now been normalized, at levels that heretofore would have immediately been punished. Breaking the law with impunity and those who do it are now considered normal or rather not even considered abnormal. Relativistic post-modernism and its amorality, which i contend come under the umbrella of 'marxism', have rendered meaning null, and we see the full flowering of it all around in the corruption that pervades every part of our society today. It is an exponentially increasing phenomenon.

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