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July 20, 2016


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NinaB: I really enjoyed your comment. It reminds me of when I was booted out of a Tibetan centre that was closely tied with HHDL. I was given the boot for asking a visiting Lama what "citta" meant. It seems the group (the libs) didn't like my question. I was told that I sounded arrogant. To be frank, I don't think Buddhism is going to last in the U.S.

Is it even so much Marxism as Nietzscheism? For my own part if I see any "intellectual" (philosopher, psychologist, 'Buddhist' monk, 'Christian' pastor, whatever) quote or refer to Nietzsche with any level of approval, I write them off as an imbecile. Praising Nietzsche is the sign of a psychopath.

"cultural marxism" is a terrible term: it is very loaded, it lumps irrelevant things together, and separates what is relevant. it is also almost universally used by hateful asshole morons. so please don't use it. you are not being politically incorrect, just incorrect.

When I was a member of a Buddhist sangha, I got a very strong feeling that the people who ran it were not interested in seeing the members attain enlightenment, and members were not interested either. The focus of every discussion with our guru was dealing with mental and emotional problems. Can you imagine how boring this was for me? The members were stuck on their personal psychodramas.

When an old Tibetan guru stopped by to give a talk (he happened to be in town for a week and he was not our regular guru), he advised one woman to "just drop it" then proceeded to talk about the nature of our thoughts and emotions.

At the next meeting of our sangha, the woman complained about the guru's insensitivity. The other members agreed with her.

It was at this time that I decided to leave the sangha. I also once had a subscription to Tricycle and I canceled it within a few months because I found it indistinguishable from all the other so-called progressive publications.

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