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July 13, 2016


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It is fascinating, it is like they do not really understand buddhism at all. They cling to a bundle of thought-constructions and when they are told that there is that which is not a thought-construction, that thought-construction is merely an illusion of discrimination; they then think this means that there is only this bundle of constructions and then nothing; they cannot intuitively see that there is something beyond thought-construction.

That's not even talking about the very real function of Mind as bodhi, which is signless, non-abiding and purely itself; when told that there is this pure function of mind (bodhi) which is the indivisible luminosity, and that this is what is erroneously discriminated through the skhandas; they say that it cannot be, that it isn't so. But this is confirmed through direct experience.

It's just made me realize more and more that perhaps the buddha had it right when he thought that this couldn't be taught to many. It seems only a few have the eyes to see the truth and the rest stumble around blind quoting scripture and taking thought-construction for the ultimate.

Perhaps what is best is to cease trying to teach others for now and to just continue my own path; it's unfortunate but it seems like its a dead end, to keep trying to show people what they have to directly experience. Especially considering there is so much misinformation and misunderstanding regarding the teachings; there's really no point. It seems most cannot understand it because, as i've experienced, it is something that must be directly experienced and that direct experience transcends language.

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