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June 27, 2016


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yes indeeed, marxixm is a very insidious and complex subject. And it is the operaating paradigm in the world and especially within the developed/western world today. It is what 'political correctnes' is generated by. And very few of those who practice and or embrace it in all of its strategies and lies have any idea what it is that is driving them. There is nothing true abiut or within marxism, cultural marxism is the palatable version which is subtle enough to have penetrated the west. It's ends are still the same as strident marxism ala tyrranical control, oppression, and murder in the end though. Make no mistake. Satan certainly is more clever than any human being ever could be.

"In Buddhism, those who want to escape from nihilism go off into the woods and hope to awaken to the unconditioned (nirvana)."

So Mara used his chosen people to make going into the woods illegal. "Hey, we killed the Indians and stole these woods, sold them out to some white guys via our creation called a bank, and when they couldn't pay their property taxes, another invention of ours we're quite proud of, we took the forest back, and now its ours, and if we catch anyone meditating in it, its off to jail to be raped."

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