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June 28, 2016


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I guess black people shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes since they were invented by Asian and European cultures and took a long time to make it to Africa. If "cultural appropriation" is evil, then we'll just have to put up with Emperor Obama and his tranny wife literally going naked.

But on a more serious note, they already banned any self-respecting people (white or not) from corporate Buddhism in the West by their no-soul lie.

Interesting article, and an interesting site indeed!

This particular writing by Matthew Terrell above is not unique to the 'left leaning' website like Huffpo. These types of writings, while sounding like a satire has an underpinning tone of urging the discrimination or violence against white race and culture.

These types of writings are quite widespread. And as matter of fact, in some instances, they are encouraged.

According to this Youtube channel's content, https://www.youtube.com/user/RedIceRadio
there is an ongoing white race and white culture genocide perpetrated by the those who own the Main Stream Media.

In one talk episode, a guess speaker described how some blond girls in Sweden had to dye their hairs black because to be politically (and culturally) corrected, they were told NOT to be different from the new neighbors..which are mostly Muslim.

Check out this particular Red Ice Radio segment, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCh_HlR37Qs , the guess speaker nailed it on the head!

There are many other similar sites like Red Ice..........just google it.

Some might ask who are these people behind these games. If one digs deeper, one finds beside owning the media, they own the World Bank/IMF. The US Federal Reserve is also reporting to the World Bank and working for the interest of the World Bank, and NOT for the interest/well being of the American people/economy.

People, just turn off the lying box (your television) and go on to Youtube for 'news'. Do yourself a favor and use your critical thinking skill and wake to truth.

As a true Buddhist, one does not ignore these problems but be aware of the evil force that perpetuates them.
First and foremost, the goal of these evil people is to create sufferings/mind conflicts. Suffering/mind conflicts is antithesis of bliss/wisdom.

These people are lords of the underworld and they want to keep people in bondage along with them 'forever' (endless transmigration from rebirth/re-death from the failure to discern Mind from Mind's phenomenon/after-image)

As they say "misery loves company", that is true indeed!


This is not Marxism or the renewed effects of some form of neoMarxism.

This is but one of the nightmarish realities of Plutocracy, built on the suffering shoulders of an american Idiocracy at its best.

As the dissonance worsens, be prepared to read more of this claptrap from desperate souls stumbling around in the darkness of their own ignorance.

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