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June 28, 2016


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Maybe the spirits put him up to it.

not sure why spengler continues being posted by zennist re incoherent rants and diatribes that are nothing but nothingness and meaningless incoherent babble. spengler - only a fool would follow you and click on a link that you provided and be subjected to the garbage useless into their minds. go away fool.

Not a fan then Mr Smith? Or did M.de Benoist pique a neolibcon nerve?

Never mind. If de Benoist is too "Marxist" for you then perhaps some Evola will cushion the blow.


Evola on American Civilisation


to oswald spengler: re benoist links: what a crock of garbage. The only thing that made any sense or wasn't a fantastical delusion of pure anti_American disdain and hatred was that marxism is the underlying ideology which is operating/driving the demise of western civilizations respecting freedom, democracy, and or the desire to be free form repressive governance generally. beyond that benoist is a marxist in his perspective of culture, intellect, idetity, etc, and leaves one to wonder - since he titles this a description of the 'new left' = just what he might have to say about the right; new or old. This guy is a delusional spinner of intellectually driven fantasies rooted in his euroean arrogance and disdain towards America - the new world, of power(which has is always a fuction of wealth), and a complete inability to either understand America or what it is to be an American. what a bunch of useless rubbish, which does nothing but aide the marxist paradigm by utterly obscuring what it is and how it operates, and instead spinning a fallacious narrative about America. Absolute gutter Tripe.

Alain de Benoist on The New Left.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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