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June 22, 2016


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David Brainerd: Yes they are hopeless and dangerous. Even the Pali Nikayas don't agree with their opinions. In fact, it is the very attā/ātman (pacc-atta/praty-ātman) that attains nirvana (M.i.255-256). The Zennist has long believed that most Western Buddhists think Buddhism is a species of Indian materialism when it is quite the opposite.

I had some guy on youtube tell me that I need to read Bodhidharma because I was saying Buddha did teach the existence of a self, and supposedly Bodhidharma would set me straight. So after reading that comment I went to Barnes and Nobles after work, and they actually had a translation of Bodhidharma there (never seen it before), so I started reading it, and what does he say? If you know your true 'self-nature' then you're a Buddha. But supposedly there's no self, right? LOL! Its obvious the no-self dummies will twist any statement into there being no self. They refuse to understand Buddha, they refuse to understand Bodhidharma. They're hopeless.

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