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June 02, 2016


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Good article!

The author is correct in the assessment of the current crisis. Let's say, if a vessel of pure water is contaminated by dirty water, then the whole vessel is now dirty.

More to the point....strong Christian or Buddhist practice are things of the past. Today's Buddhism is about meditation to relieve the stress from job, a job with a high income so one can keep and maintain that big Benz or Bimmer :)

For the Christians who are taught to forgive, with deepest sincere, their worst enemies. Muslim are taught it is OK to kill 'Infidels' (non-Muslim). Infidels are to be 'beheaded' and their bloods sacrificed.

Islam's tendency to wage violence against non-Muslim/Infidels makes it incompatible with Christians or Buddhists ideology......and as thus, Islam needs to be in its own border to practice their own.

Further, what some of these commenters below fail to understand is, according to numerous internet sources, the drive of mass Muslim migration to the EU is engineered by a few who runs the world puppets (leaders of US and EU included).

One of the real intention, again according to real info/non-MSM media, is to destroy cultures. It is one of the thinly veiled method of race genocide (inter-marriage of Muslim to white). There are many other reasons, and they are on the net if one knows where to look.

As light and darkness are diametrically opposed, the people that wishes harm (and do harms) to the world are out there. They are the psychopaths in power, in religions, in finance, in education, in the military....etc... One last thing they want is an awakened mass of humanity where the light shines upon all.

In order to keep that from happening, they lies. People can do themselves a favor by waking up to Truth. That is the least they can do, to save their souls and hopefully making merits for better rebirth in the next life :)


One thing I really wonder at on the compassion front is if Buddha's compassion for animals is being interpreted right. For instance in the Dhammapada he says "all beings want to live so strike none with a stick." Does this really mean never kill an animal, even if its attacking you? Or should it be interpreted in light of the Sutta about Buddha going for alms snd encountering a group of boys poking a snake with a stick just for fun, which ends with Buddha declaring that those who molest beings who are minding their own business will find no peace in the next life. It also seems an overconcern for animal life contradicts reincarnation. If I squash the mosquitto that's biting me, its just gonna be reborn (same with killing a Muslim terrorist) and in fact I've jump started the possibility it will have a better reincarnation this time. But someone will then say "why is muder wrong?" Because unlike a moswuitto and a Muslim terrorist, a normal human has a chance of achieving good karma or even enlightenment that you are cutting off and making them start over.

The blog is pretty much ironic as the title suggests. The justice we want that sounds so impressive (but only on the surface) is belied by a lack of substance. Wanting to reform our culture for the better, without destroying it, is belied by trying to create a kind of childish reality in its stead. The fate of Buddhism (and even now Christianity) is that with all of its seeming compassion towards the mundane world which is suffering, it has lost the transcendent. It believes in 'nothing' which makes it weak and ineffective.

Sometimes I wonder if you're pathologically depressed. Or this is just underlying normal condition of atheists. Maybe we should all give up hope & just jump into the sea? Let the so-called transsexuals inherit the earth. We "cis" have had our day.

Reading this again, I see I effectively read your post backwards the first time. Oops. That sentence "The appropriateness of this vision, however, is seriously flawed" hid itself from me apparently.

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