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May 16, 2016


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zennist: especially in the universities.

Having looked up some of the wiki info, I find the lore centered around the timeless halls and the great one known as Eru to be fascinating; the entire idea that all of reality is a thought, an idea within the mind of Eru made manifest is amazing; no wonder his work was such an amazing pure of art, it sings deeply; Further that these ideas were manifested through melody is amazing.

Avalon: It remains one of my favorite films. In this day and age, Tolkien and others teach us about deception which goes back to Mara the Evil One. The problem of deception is now a huge problem and getting worse. From all sides we are being deceived and taken advantage of. Even in the university deception is at work.

1981, A rather eccentric director, named John Boorman, made an astounding little masterpiece named Excalibur. Suffice to say, Englands finest actors were chosen for the various part in this drama directed by a Master.

The movie touched ground with the same questions about good and evil,liberation and deception in the same way later Tolkien movies did. It was in my opinion not only very entertaining, but also a good audiovisual story steeped in a mythology and wisdom, now long forgotten.

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