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May 25, 2016


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I find all this talk of "the mind" as if you only have one produces much of the confusion. Its a holdover from materislism to think of "the mind". There are two, the mind of the soul and the mind of the physicsl brain. This is why when you tell "the mind" to clear it fills with random thoughts. The physicsl brain is rebelling against thf instruction to clear and sending randomness to confuse thd soul mind. And the materialist will not realize they are the soul stepping back and observing the chaos of the physical mind, and they will misjudge the situation and think "the mind" has no controller "no self because look at the chaos, I'm not controlling this. These thoughts appear randomly. So there is no self." And they won't realize thst" the very fsct they are sitting back and observing this chaotic formation of thoughts shows there is a self, the soul mind, which can step back and observe what the physical mind does on its own when the soul mind does not occupy it.

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