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May 18, 2016


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The escape is subtle but amazingly simple once you have seen it and are on the road escaping.

This reminds me of the Taoist distinction between the gate of sameness (nirvana, mind-only, equanimity) and the gate of difference (samsara, form, appearance); it is mentioned how both are two different perceptions of the same thing, one from the perspective of Essence which sees the changeless and the other from the perspective of function which sees change. When essence identified solely with function, it operates through function and thus experiences difference through discrimination of function; when essence identified with essence, it functions through essence and experiences sameness/equanimity;

In other words, samsara and nirvana are two gates of experiencing reality or mind; one through a multitude of discriminated forms, the other through equanimity of mind, resulting in all being perceived without discrimination; but these are both experiences, manifestations of Mind which is unmanifested; the essence, the origin never changes, as it is unmanifested wisdom; what changes is the reality perceived.

This is why there is no duality between them, they are the same radiance of mind perceived differently.

If only people saw that the conditioned is difference, discrimination, samsara; the unconditioned is sameness, equanimity, nirvana; and they both emanate as manifestations of Mind (wisdom) which is intrinsically void in nature and thus unmanifested; thus we have gate of ignorance and gate of awareness, regarding Mind and the nature of Mind (inconceivable wisdom)

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