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April 07, 2016


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" If we wish the higher teaching, it’s found within us."

Truer words have never been spoken, or written.

zennist: have you listened to and or considered ravi zacharias in relation to his theological and philosophical perspectives - including on buddhism?



I have been reading _Living Yogacara_ by Rev. Tagawa, the abbot of Kofuku-ji. It only came out a few years ago. Wonderful book so far! It is good to see there is still some vigor in the Yogacara way. I have tried to reach out to him to express my thanks.

100percentprole: It is more subtle.

thezennist: In your thinking what is the meaning of the treasure of the sangha? Does it necessitate taking refuge with such a teacher, or is it a more subtle treasure, a higher unity?

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