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April 19, 2016


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As one who has worked on remaining mindful since childhood, which at the time seemed like common sense and the obvious thing to do, it sometimes amazes me to consider that there are those who find remaining mindful during the day a challenge; It's like being trapped and unable to do anything when one is not aware, mindfully, of everything that is happening; the fact that people seem content with such a fate is inconceivable to me.

I absolutely agree with this.. Mindfulness is the basic starting point of a serious spiritual path. Personally, I consider everything else (mostly reading) as an intellectual entertainment.

Most people think mindfulness "practice" happens when you are sitting on a cushion. Actually mindfulness isn't a "practice"; it should be your normal mental state from the time you wake up till you fall asleep (even then you could be "lucid dreaming" as my brother does from time to time).

Over the years I have become aware of the stories I tell myself. These form the background of my emotions, which I now can see coming up, just like lava coming out of a volcano. I have come to realize they are just stories, no different from the ones you read in novels. I used to get depressed a lot and angry (before I "discovered" Buddhist practice), but when I realized what was behind these emotions, suddenly I stopped. Just like that. It was such a revelation and a big relief not to to be caught up in these storylines which are rather silly and pathetic.

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