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April 21, 2016


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I've been reading some of your posts about self. And I think the difference between Buddhism and Hinduism is that Hinduism said God is the self, or in other words there is only ONE self in the whole universe, God, and everyone shares it. I think this is why people are so confused on non-self. Like in Samyutta Nikaya 44.10, Buddha explains to Ananda why he didn't answer Vachhota's (a Hindu monk's) questions. There Buddha's answer is in 3 points, or really 3 denials: (1) Buddha denies the Brahman/Hindu doctrine that God is the self. (2) Buddha denies the nihilist doctrine that there is literally no self. (3) Buddha denies the materialist doctrine that the body or some conditioned phenomena is the self. In doing this, he automatically affirms an individual distinct immaterial self, distinct both from the body and from God. The doctrine that the self is distinct from God is the major difference from Hinduism.

There's really no dealing with the majority of western practitioners, they see everything in terms of one thing v another thing; one "religion" versus another "religion" though a "religion" is just a concept created regarding the way certain people live life.

There's nothing that can be done short of Buddha coming to teach; Today I saw a post about how the body is all that one "is" and that one that thinks they are more than human has "totally missed the point of buddhism, which is made by humans for humans regarding human problems" lololol what a bunch of conceptualizations, fools cannot see that where thought ends and reality begins.

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