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March 29, 2016


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This is an interesting post. It called to mind something I recently heard on Joseph Goldstein's cd. He was making the distinction between learning one-pointed concentration and meditation. He said that students come to learn meditation and are taught concentration, which is not actually meditative samadhi. In a similar way your first teacher went only so far...mindfulness of the moment, but again no analytical process. It seems both are necessary.

Thanks all.

I don't know if where I'm going is really in line with Buddhism as it would be defined in the modern age. But I'm also not as worried about that anymore.

smith: Suffice it to say you are being watched. Don't give up hope. There is more goodness than you can imagine.

perhaps somebody might be interested in this?


How much do you think transcendental beings helped you with this journey? Or was your karma just finally ripe?

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