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March 24, 2016


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Thanks for this wise advice all. I had become so attached to the institution that I had lost sight of the essence.

deep and genuine desire within your soul is the fist precondition. If you have that, you may be temporarily frustrated at times, even most of the time, and often. But, eventually if your desire is true and pure, you will get there. Ultimately, it will be you who determines whether you recive the gift of the truth, So having or not finding another person, ateacher, a guru, will not be what is essential finally. The truth, God, will reveal itself based on its own wisdom and its knowledge of you. You only need to be willing and ready to recive it. It is all counterintuitive. Its the opposite of what it seems. Its when you surrender, stop trying. Let go. Which can only be found by yourself within yourself. Let humility be your true teacher. take humility as far as you can go.

A true zen teacher is always closer to you, than your eyes and ears can discern.

I have searched and studied. I do not know of a Zen teacher alive worthy of the robes. I am heartbroken.

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