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March 21, 2016


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Mathesis, there is no actual "life", nor any actual "death".

That perception of spatial-temporal forms in an ever appearing wave formation of arising and cessation, is an ILLUSION.

Mathesis, there is MInd Only. i.e Your true nature. Anything else within this dynamically awesome Essence, is mere phenomonolgy. A mere dance of permutations,wave forms born out of thought (that regulates/conditions said essence)

As your Spirit is ignorant of said true nature, it brings down the animative light of said uncodnitioned nature into sheer conditionality - being animated as things, sounds and thought at any given moment.

Thus you are dwelling in a persona of limited perspective
(skandhic consciousness) that acts within a conditioned sphere (consciousness filed of unknown parameters), filtering the conditioned light of your unconditioned true nature, as a world filled with seemingly interacting phenomena, like "beings", inanimate objects, sounds smells, etc.

Perhaps you shoud give the Lankavatara Sutra another go and adjust your dhyana, as a usefool tool by which you break through this illustrious spatio-temporal bubble that prohibits yourself a right view of your true self..the Dharmakaya. ;)

The is very interesting how you identify the gandhabba with viññana/vijnâna and I like the expression "vibrate sympathetically". Also the development through meditation of a "first-person science" and first-hand knowledge of the body in its static (kayagati) and dynamic (ânâpâni) aspects.
What about the origin of the physical body of man itself or the state of mankind in the remote past of this planet ? I once made a study of the relevant cosmological sutta of the Digha-Nikaya were curiously enough the Buddha claims to have a perfect knowledge concerning matters regarding "origins". There are periods of "evolution" and "devolution", several classes of devas are involved, and we a have a descent and progressive solidification and differentiation from a more luminous and ethereal state until arriving at the sexually differentiated material bodies of today.It is difficult to interpret this but I think it as least clear that just as the vijñana enters into and resonates with the other levels of man, so to there must be a class of beings or principles that brought all species of life and the human body into being from a Cosmic Seed (this was an idea already of Erasmus Darwin) in a coherent way analogous to the embryological development of the individual.The human body represents the heart or brain of the fully developed seed and also its full image and synthesis. This is what the German Paleontologist called the Ur-mensch.

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