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February 01, 2016


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So I see. While this remains a good translation of a very important important text, the translator is nonetheless leaving things open to confusion in this instance; here it means 'yogi', and not 'Master of Yogacara' - which 'Yogacara master' looks suspiciously similar to.

JB: My source was from a dissertation by Chan Yiu Wing on the Dharmatrāta-Dhyāna-Sūtra.

瑜伽師 does not indicate Yogacara master, it means 'Yogi' simply put, and generally refers to 'Acarya', as in Tantric Buddhism, or a ritual specialist, again connected to the performance of esoteric rituals.

Incidentally, in China, 禪師 is one of the few titles which may be accorded a layman practitioner, unlike Dharma/Vinaya/Shastra master, which are exclusively monastic titles.

Contrast that with Japan, where only Dogen gets the title of 'Zenji', followed by the abbot of the head Soto temple.

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