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February 25, 2016


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Mr. Nobody: Such people have mistaken their ignorance for wisdom. All part of the deluded mind.

It's hilarious because you have people that don't understand these teachings on a higher level, like ewk (yep, totally called out the name), who then insist that this must mean these teachings are "bullshit" because they don't make sense to someone like him; for those of us that have seen the unconditioned, experienced that which is beyond experience and continue to grow in our connection with it, for us his claims are laughable and ironic.

He claims we make shit up, he claims we are lying; yet we enjoy our days in bliss and peace, while he spends his days arguing over things he doesn't understand in an attempt to validate his own lack of understanding. In his eyes, if he can't understand it, he must make sure others can't either or else he must be slow!

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