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January 27, 2016


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A skilled captain would not go around torpedoing other vessels in the vain satisfaction of taking more passengers on board their own leaky craft. Indeed such is the path to the hells, I have heard.

Any fool can steer a ship, but it takes a skilled mind, of certain qualities, to know and apply the right route to the desired destination.

To a hammer the entire world appears as a nail. Such a hammer, I think, will eventually get hammered soon enough.

Some teachers likewise convince themselves that everyone is a disciple -- or at least should be because of their own perceived superior gnosis. There is a great danger in that, I think, of pride, of rigidity, of hasty conclusions and of a kind of false belief in ones own virtue which begets a compartmentalized form of practice which ignores that every raft is different for every person (something alluded to in the Lanka) though they may all lead to the same shore. A teacher say, who might be very strong in some regards might be very weak in others, relying on rituals and objects, or even wavering into demonic teachings because of morbid fascination for the infernal light of the hells; this can even lead to grave error such as pissing on the teachings as recorded in Pali in favor of new fangled insights, again out of swollen pride, failing to recognize their own obscurations do not dissipate by instructing others in what they do know well, no matter how well or how often they do so. If there was one teacher who was perfect in spiritual knowledge in this world, it was Buddha, the world honored one; and he passed long ago into parinirvana. Yes, we are not different from that. The treasure is in our own hut. Sadly, in seeing ourselves as Buddha, we can forget that others are also Buddha, and this, I fear leads to rebirth if not in a state of woe, at least remote from the other shore. As a final point, Buddha made it quite clear that later times would be filled with imperfect monks and false teachings presented as Buddha's own. How we may know this is to study Buddha's teachings and compare them with the teachings of our day. If there is a discrepancy, my hunch is that going with what Buddha said is the right thing to do.

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