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January 28, 2016


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If materialists just studied their own "sciences" more they would see on the top end of quantum mechanics that object permanence is an illusion; furthermore they would see all of these notions of Mind being supreme over what they call Matter, being reinforced over and over throughout the information gleaned from Quantum Mechanics.

The only reason they cling to their materialistic view is because it is easier for them to understand, safer for them to understand (egoistically) and it doesn't put them in an uncomfortable position about what this all means (rather, they can go back to the mind-numbing activities of the day to day world, deluding themselves into believing they are these shadows they see rather than the very light that animates them).

It's just another way for people to hide from the truth, it's no real fight, it's just a bunch of children scared of the preconceived bogeyman.

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