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January 12, 2016


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mathesis: Read Annie Kagan's book, _The Afterlife of Billy Fingers_. It is about her older brother's death and afterlife. It reads strangely Pure Land in some respects. Billy is on an asymptotic journey to higher states of being. So this thought occurred to me. Old Gotama dies from eating bad 'shrooms, but now he is able to contact certain monks from the other side. This is not farfetched if we read Thomas Campbell's book, _My Big TOE_ and consider the works of Donald Hoffman which deal with conscious realism.

I was wondering: how do you view the cosmological and mythological elements in the Mahayana Sutras ? The cosmology is very difficult to square with our present understanding of the physical universe. Are mount Sumeru,Jambu -dvipa, all those non-human beings (devas, bodhisattvas etc), and the buddha-lands and countless kalpas to be taken as different classes of human Buddhist practitioners or as representations of spiritual principles ? Or are we to accept both the possibility of other beings living in different solar systems and galaxy or on parallel planes to this universe ? Or are these beings actually in this world but we are not able to perceive them without the "divine eye" or "divine ear" ? Mount Sumeru seem to be some sort of a "cosmic axis". How do you interpret Mount Sumeru ? Is it an actual "place" ?

Very nice piece. We should inspect all"systems" and not trust that they are functioning fine. This applies to our minds as well - our structure of beliefs and thoughts are a "system". We must penetrate with the purest of intentions to see that we are not allowing the ego to intellectually fool us with false spirituality.

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