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December 17, 2015


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"(...)each person I came to realize has more power within them than they can imagine. They can certainly awaken."

I was reading Masefield's Divine Revelation in Pali Buddhism and found that he argues that in the Pali Canon, as in Jainism, only a restricted portion of beings were destined to eventual enlightenment. Masefield even compared this to a capricious divine predestination; and indeed being trapped in samsara forever is not so different from an "everlasting punishment". To us such doctrines are grotesque and unacceptable. At the very least, a "hopeless soul" must appear as an aberration and exception in the cosmic order, as I believe is the case in various Mahâyâna texts. I would like to ask you:
1)Do you hold that all beings have at least the potential for complete enlightenment ?

2)If yes, do you hold, contrary to Masefield, that this is taught in the Pali Canon ?

3) And what do you consider to be the general view on this matter found in Zen/Ch'an literature ?

just to say thank you for all your time and dedication in your blog and your articles day in and day out - Thank you for them.

Could you elaborate more on the five hindrances? I would be interested in reading what you consider to be sloth and torpor, for example.

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