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December 21, 2015


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"Doubt turned into skepticism, is difficult to put an end to. Such practice at this point turns into the cultivation of bad karma."

But on the other hand the acquiring of transcendent Faith, or "Right View", opposed to such a skepticism, is not in turn merely the product of good karma, but is analogous to a sort of Grace which short-circuits the entire Samsara-Karma system, "corrupt nature", the "Law" and "works".

As for the retreat, there is the old Latin saying (the medieval monk Saint Bernard of Clarivaux):

Beata solitudo, sola beatitudo

Blessed Solitude, Only Beatitude !

Perhaps a blog on practice after awakening is in order? i've read your posts on the matter on reddit for instance but i'd still like to see you go into more detail if you could.

Of course, i understand what this entails, practicing after awakening to One Mind, Mind-Only, but I love to read about it anyways as what takes up all my time/mental space is this One-Mind, or resting serenely with intuitive knowing; nevertheless it would be helpful to others I believe.

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