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November 17, 2015


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Haven't mentioned this before, but a meditation practice of breathing in (with inward breath) while breathing out and vice versa has yielded a most beneficial Samadhi. I discovered this through intuitive means some time back and am curious if others have stumbled upon this technique. It rapidly demolishes gross mental dharmas and transcends bodily perception/aperception in breathing mindfulness (anapanasati).

From a different Christian perspective we once wrote concerning the "Life-Breath" and the "Trillion Cells":


In the Mysteries of Good Friday we witness the apotheosis and epiphany of Divine Love, and man striving to purify his soul and to see clearly with the pure eyes of his heart perceives by supernatural illumination (for it cannot be perceived by fallen corrupted reason) the Infinite Love and Divine Gratuitous Gift present in all Existence and Creation, the Infinite Wisdom and Goodness, the Divine Offering and Gift of God both in the Creation and in the Redemption. God has given us Being and Life (it is as if we perceived clearly each of the billion cells in our bodies) and we see with spiritual vision the Infinite Oneness, Life and Beauty of Creation, despite of all sorrow and pain and mishap from the point of view of our limited corrupted minds and reason, so that all creatures should be moved to tears and repentance and spiritual joy.

I find this blog and in particular these last posts and in general those with a more philosophic and scientific focus to be profoundly interesting. Please keep up to good work.

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