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October 14, 2015


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Do you live in the suburbs now? What made you move?

Your old situation sort of reminds me of zucchini pants, chop water. I just visited him, he lives in a nice part of the woods

I think I'd like to visit mujushingyo as he invited me, only when I can afford a plane ticket to Oregon

What about Charles Bukowski ? He lived in Los Angeles

First of all, the mine was in a copper bearing area. It was about hundred feet from the cabin. Think of it has my zendo. I lived there for many years (about 15). Food was grains and veggies, etc.

What we are as a body, is a relationship of our perceptions/beliefs together with the external environment. It is next to impossible to do Zen in the city insofar as our cells (50 to 70 trillion) receive a special kind of adverse stimulus from the city that is not conducive to the study of Zen. Also the tapes in our head (our programming from day one) has to be be ignored (or left behind) which requires, for example, constant awareness, meditation, and the reading of sutras. I lived in an ideal place to study Zen.

How long were you there for?

What did you eat?

Looking back, do you think the mine had asbestos?

re: nina b : it is not a necessity. It is simply a practicality, in as much as being alone from other people removes the tendencies of distractions of thoughts and other patterns of beahaviors and social expectations, etc.

Why does one need to be away from other humans to realize pure Mind?

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