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August 13, 2015


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Dualism! No need to cut off any chakra. You just experience the heart chakra through sex (to stay in your analogy). Orgasm becomes a form of kensho. This is the way to not overrate sex: By seeing that it is nothing different from your other natural drives and insights. As long as you try to make it s.th. that might stand in your way, you make it bigger than it is.

It is interesting to note when I began to tame this passion through intense meditation including tonglen (which I use to shatter the causes of desire) all of a sudden all of the jade women -- really beautiful ones -- began to signal their availability, tempting me greatly. I certainly see a connection since concupiscence is the pitfall of many yogins, especially in this age, and how much more the layman such as myself so fraught with troubles and enchanted by lovely forms. Some such as M have argued, a person I like and respect by the way, that the emphasis on ridding myself of defilements is no use because what the mind focus is becomes the manifestation. ..but I must disagree in this case. At times one must go into the heart of the matter, and confront it if we are to progress. How long can one simply ignore the obvious? That to me seems of no use whatsoever. And then like a mirage before a thirsty man, Mara brings forth the beautiful women. Yes, it is difficult to transcend the habits of worldly desire.

I have a hard time taming my passions in this world. Although living extended periods of celibacy with few interuptions, the pull of desire is strong.

I think praying to Amitabha, doing a lot of Vajrasattva mantras and perhaps working with Aizen Myo-o can lesser the impact of a yogic downfall like masturbation.

Amitabha accepts us as we are and if we are willing to work and repent there are good hopes. Even an anthill is the activity of the Tathagatha.

May the dharma flourish!

"Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society."

Love the quote

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