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July 27, 2015


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Gangstasmurf: Here is more vain babbling you might enjoy while watching the Smurfs:

...this the soul's true end, to touch that Light and see It by Itself, not by another light, by Itself, Which gives it sight as well. It must see that Light by which it is enlightened; for we do not see the sun by another light than his own. How then can this happen. Take away everything!" (Plotinus V.3.17)

The Zennist blog and many of its readers have a tradition of studying vain babbling. Some call such babbling "philosophy".

This is vain babbling. It makes no sense in the English language.

"I understand, also, that Buddhism is like a Trojan horse. It was brought to the West because it was believed it was a form of Indian materialism that denied a soul—a perfect religion for modern man. Fortunately, we just opened the gates of Troy."

Love this! Perfect metaphor.

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