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June 01, 2015


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What we need are men and women of sharp and accurate logical, philosophical and scientific minds and lofty moral character and ideals, that are prepared to analyse and draw balanced conclusions and bold intelligent theories from the weighty evidence and data furnished by such works as this and many others. My fear is that "the corruption of the best is the worst", and that the more wide ranging, other-wordly and powerful a science becomes, the more prone it is to be appropriated or falsified as an instrument of fraud, deceit, manipulation and evil. Perhaps most atheists and materialists are precisely the kind of people who would have been the most gullible to all shady "occult" and "new age" charlatans and manipulators we see today, that promise money, success, luck, pleasure, and solutions to all life's problems. The psychic scientist is a little like a naturalist exploring an unknown jungle, aware of the danger, not out for personal gain or pleasure, but there first of all for pure knowledge.

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