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June 28, 2015


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The essence of your message is correct; it's why I never felt that joining an "online sangha" was any different than joining any other online niche community. While the benefits of technology allow easy communication between people separated by time and space this particular activity (i.e. Zen practice, teaching and learning) feels hollow online.

But the previous commenter made a good point: without technology I wouldn't have been able to read your writings, which I've found to be profound and, admittedly, part of my education.

“In this perspective, the world of technology is a world that allows us mainly to extend our ignorance. …. Will technology help to overcome people's deeply held prejudices?”

I am able to read your postings because of technology, and I don’t think this has extended my ignorance, but it has rather enhanced my understanding of things I might not otherwise have been aware of. So, in this regard technology has helped me overcome my deep held prejudices. Having said this, though, I think I know what you are saying in that ‘pop Buddhism’ vis-a-vis technology has become the new Buddhism that distracts a seeker from striving to look inward instead of relying on exterior modalities—gadgets and whatnot, however the medium is NOT the message. It’s all a matter of balance and distinguishing the differences between the hammer, the nail, the wood, and why we are hammering!

Just my thoughts, just as yours are a useful reminder.

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