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June 06, 2015


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i am wondering what your view my be of Kundalini/yoga?? If you are familiar with it. It too is only something which can truly be 'known', 'understood', by and through experience. I believe that the enlightenment, or truth, experienced within a true full experience of Kundalini is the same as that through or within true Zen. There is only one thing of which enlightenment/Nirvana/knowing-being the Truth/God is.

>The former is the easy way out. "You take the blue pill," as Morpheus says to Neo in the film, The Matrix, "the story ends." Also, this is where traditional Zen ends.

On a rather amusing sidebar, Andy Waschowski (Matrix trilogy) and J. Michael Straczynski (babylon 5) are presently taking a rather ambitious shot in their attempt to present a dramaturgical mixture of Consciousness only and the idea of the noo-sphere. This of course with some ordinary Romance/drama/action in their new Sense8-series.

I suspect this is their attempt of perhaps trying to cinematographically introduce the thought of the awakened bodhisattvic super-being, that with its pure consciousness as sheer reality, is more than the senses and the corporeal consciousness and consequently nourishes a freedom those locked to their decaying walking corpse consciousness can never imagine.

Its rather entertaining and worth a peek (the first 12 episodes availbale on Netflix or the usual torrent sites).

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