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June 15, 2015


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Yes. But why not urge people to stop doing this? It's always just ourselves that are creating needless calamity and confusion of all sorts. It is always just ourselves that are using Mind's miraculous powers to paint both beautiful and horrific images of ignorance out of thin air, or to clutter our minds and confuse ourselves with internal monologues and dialogues. The Mind we use to create mental images, or any other form of activity, out of sheer compulsion, is the same Mind we use to picture gold as a butterfly, or Buddha-nature as just a mental image of some object, be it a Buddha or what have you.

Our compulsive ignorance is rooted in dealing with self-created objects, but Mind is not one of these vapor-like mental images we are used to, so this won't cut it when it comes to Zen.

The ability to conjure up mental images or sparc up internal commentary are just gross functions of Mind, and these functions are not applicable in cultivating dhyana and recognizing the essence of Mind itself. These miraculous powers that we are unable to wield are the only hindrances, really. Without the compulsive conjuring up of mental images and various other phenomena, suffering would have no root out of which to spring forth, and abiding in brightness would be accomplished without effort.

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