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May 03, 2015


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It's so sad. Even when people might suspect for a brief moment that this is true, they might perhaps feel it in their gut that they've just been putting on a show for themselves and others by approaching Buddha Dharma in such a superficial and childish manner, and they might for a split second know it in their hearts that they should quickly drop the charade and repent and face themselves in brutal honesty, but alas they do not do it. It is too frightening and requires will power and discipline. But above all it requires the courage to be so honest and upfront with oneself about ones own ignorance and ones evil ways. Without that, how can such people even dream of living a solitary and introspective life or even attending prolonged retreats?

But there is always a day in ones life where one is left standing with a naked mind after a horrific event, and all there is left to do is break down and repent. And then observe and investigate.

OFF-TOPIC: Could you help me with a scriptural reference? I cannot find what "Pts.M. II" stands for. In particular regarding this quote, which I like alot:

"Three gateways to liberation (vimokkha-mukha; s. vimokkha I) lead to escape from the world, namely: that the mind is contemplating all formations as limited, and is rushing forward to the condition less element (animitta-dhātu); that the mind is stirred with regard to all formations of existence, and is rushing forward to the desire less element (appanihita-dhātu); that the mind sees all things as something foreign, and is rushing forward to the void element (suññatā-dhātu)."

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