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May 18, 2015


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A good, honest and necessary piece, Zennist!

Reading this post I am reminded of this passage from Takuan Soho's (b.1573) Clear Sound of Jewels:

Strictly speaking, for priests there shouldn't be such things as amusements(...)On another level, it is not unfitting for them to lean their hearts towards the moon and cherry blossoms and, accompanied by fourteen-or fifteen year-old youths, to go to a place where the moon can be viewed from beneath the blossoms, a tasteful sake jar in hand(...)But even these are not considered correct for a priest who would have a religious spirit(...)There are those who say: "Everything is like a dream ! The only thing to do is play!" These people rattle their minds beyond limit, sink themselves in pleasure, and go to the extremes of luxury. Though they quote the words of the men of old, they are as far from the minds of the ancients as snow from soot.

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