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April 09, 2015


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Thank you for another valuable post Zennist.However I do believe that laying the blame at Dogen for what much of Soto has degenerated into is unfair and-more importantly-leads your readers away from a valuable source of spiritual teachings-and I am neither a Soto-ist(?) or a Dogen fanboy.Here are a few quotes I believe are his(admittedly from memory):"Turn the light inwards on what is not born and does not die" "How does one think of not thinking?Be BEFORE thinking" "To study The Way is to study The Self,To study The Self is to forget oneself,To forget oneself is to drop off body and mind,To drop off body and mind is to be enlightened by the ten thousand things" "In shikantaza it is not just the body that sits but the mind that sits".I believe a fairer appraisal of the merits and limitations of Dogen can be found at a site called anaditeaching in an article called Shikantaza-being without soul.Anadi was formerly Aziz Kristof and he may have a teaching that-after 2500 years for the evolution of understanding-may surpass even that of The Buddha!?!!.(Please don't ban me like electric black :) )

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