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April 16, 2015


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There is certainly a grain of truth here. I hold firmly that two of the greatest banes of humanity are scientism and religious fundamentalism - two different faces of naturalism/materialism who share their hatred of the freedom and self-subsistance of soul and of the gnôsis. Concerning what you called "Judeo-Christiantiy" I cannot pronounce at the moment anything certain, but I acknowledge the countless negative and crypto-materialist aspects historically present, and these seem to have gotten progressively worse. The Roman Catholic Church seems to have imposed in the 19th-century the Empiricist Aristotelean Thomism (which seems to deny the possibility of divine illumination in this life) over the Platonic-Augustinian Ontologism. The spirit is drawn closer and closer to the body and the senses and away from self-knowledge and divine illumination. Rituals and obedience to the Church become the only means of transcendence. Maybe Vatican II changed this, maybe not.
But I would like to say something on behalf of the West:
There can be no doubt regarding the fundamental agreement between both Vedânta and Mahâyâna and the higher Western traditions: Platonism, the Mystery Traditions,
Pythagoreanism, Middle-Platonism, Neoplatonism, and Hellenic-Egyptian Hermeticism. Many of the Apostolic Fathers and the School of Alexandria of the 2nd and 3rd centuries (Justin Martyr, Clement, Origen) professed a form of Christianity that was a close as possible to these higher traditions (i.e. the Bible was taken in a symbolic-esoteric sense, there was no everlasting damnation, vicarious atonement or literal resurrection of the body). Also these traditions - in the form of several (it is true, often persecuted) of the so-called Mystical Theological treatises (but also in genius thinkers such as Cusanus and Fénelon) survived well into the 18th century under their Christian form. Also Quakerism seems to me very interesting, but perhaps a little Dogen-ish ?

you said some true things , even beyond that which you understand, and you said some really dumb and ignorant things. Ill leave it to you to figure out which is which. Surely, if i told you, you wouldn't believe me. You are not yet able to judge.

"The Buddha said: Since the time without beginning, all living beings have given rise to all sorts of inversion because of the karmic seed (of ignorance) which is like the aksa shrub. This is why seekers of the Truth fail to realize Supreme Enlightenment but achieve only the states of sravakas, pratyeka-buddhas, heretics, devas and demons, solely because they do not know the two basic inversions, thereby practicing wrongly like those who cannot get food by cooking sand in spite of the passing of aeons as countless as the dust.
What are these two basic inversions? Ananda, the first is the basic root of birth and death caused, since the time without beginning, by the wrong use of a clinging mind which people mistake for their own nature, and the second is their attachment to causal conditions (which screen) the basically bright essence of consciousness which is the fundamentally pure and clean substance of Nirvanic Enlightenment. Thus they ignore this basic brightness and so transmigrate through(illusory) realms of existence without realizing the futility of their (wrong) practice."

--Surangama Sutra


The avidya of the One Mind.

If the ultimate source of reality is the one Mind, then who is getting reborn?

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