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March 02, 2015


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I was not aware that Buddhist monks crucified Christian missionaries who were trying to destroy Buddhism under the orders of the Holy See. Wow, it's news to me.

"that Buddhists have, historically, always lived in harmony with Hindus and Christians"

No, the Japanese Buddhist e.g. crucified Christians.

By the way, there are academics that understand nirvana as "to uncover", not a state, as you do.

To equate devotion to one's own religious tenets with the insistence that everyone else should abide by them is an obvious falsehood.So you should be more clear with your terms-especially when you then go to link it with terrorism which is a false link that the force behind ISIS wants people to make.Furthermore'cherry picking'between which religious teachings to accept and which to reject based on what we already presume to know is something that you advise against.Regarding Stephen Batchlor's books I wouldn't use them for toilet paper.They are insidious.But that is a word that I believe also applies to some of the ideas floating around about muslims.

Ian: I see that you don't read the blog that much, if at all. My case against secular Buddhism is this: it seeks to undermine the very core of the Buddha's teaching. Secular Muslims don't buy Sharia. That's about it (they are still religious). My Muslim buddies, even the ones born in a Muslim country, are as apple pie American as it gets. We can sit down and talk about our religions. I can't do this with with a secular Buddhist. He has an axe to grind. Secular Buddhists can be described by one word, "insidious". Just read Stephen Batchelor's insidious books. It's all basically fuck nirvana.

Zennist-you are a fool sometimes.You criticise secular'buddhists' and then praise secular'muslims'.Buddhism and Islam are religions and a person who doesn't practice them can't claim to belong to them.To put the word secular before any supposed religious practitioner is to create an oxymoron-for morons.You have been a victim of political correctness.The people behind that cultural marxist bullshit are part of a group that claim a certain religion is linked exclusively to a certain racial type-and they ain't muslims.They are the originators of the idea that a supposed religious belonging can be secular.They are also behind the creation and funding of ISIS and they want to demonise Islam because it forbids usury.Who is this group?Well you gave that Voltaire quote which is so appropriate to these times and then completely mis-applied it.The group who rules and who can't be criticised ain't the damn muslims is it?A wise man(obviously not next to you-Mr.Dogen-Basher)once said"Beware those who say they are *** but are not".He also had the right idea on how to treat usurers...

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