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March 10, 2015


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Uncommon wisdom page 246.The term citta is usually translated as “mind,” but this is quite
misleading. What we generally refer to as the mind is different from
citta. The mind incorporates the mental faculties of feeling, memory,
thought and consciousness, and is usually considered to be that which
thinks and remembers. Those mental faculties are inherently unstable:
they all constantly arise, remain momentarily and die away. The citta,
on the other hand, does not arise and does not die away. It exists entirely
without reference to time and space.

Uncommon wisdom page 255. Existing
separately from the five khandhas, the citta is comparable to the unfathomable
vastness of space. Just as space is the medium without
which nothing could come into being, the citta is the stable conscious
continuum without which nothing in the realm of the five aggregates
or the six sense bases could come into being. The citta is the unchanging
reality in which everything in the world arises and then ceases.
Because the citta does not change, it does not exist—but it is real. Being
awareness itself, it is that all-encompassing presence in which arising
and passing are known.

Zennist, I was waiting for you to say these things. It was the larger reason I came back. Let me ask you a question: Don't you think that Lucifer is evil as well as the Trinity? When I died and went to other worlds, I existed in the prior condition of the universe, meaning, that which the creator used to form our present universe. In the worlds I saw, there was no mention of the Buddha or Lucifer. Some worlds belonged to the Trinity, but many did not and had Gods unknown to man. I have been told by spirits that the Creator formed materialism and atheism, in order to torture non-Christians with eternal doubts. Could it be that all religions are His manipulative invention? That we will not be free until one day, Earth's beliefs ALL perish? I know this, that the spirits have told me a story which mankind cannot.

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