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March 23, 2015


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I've done both.

If you write in terms of altered states and dis-engagement from physicality then by definition it is dissociation. Dissociation has many forms and sone of them are really fun. Some even have spiritual kudos.

Really the goal is about not caring about whatever state you are in rather than treating some states as desirable and others as not.

For there to be disengagement there must be two things which are optionally attached. If that is so you can throw one away!

Recently I've had some dreams that were so real and vivid that if it wasn't for their impossibility I'd think they were actual memories. It was disconcerting - like having two lives!

Om non non:

I would argue that it is not "dissociation" (I am looking at the my dictionary of psychology). The word "disengagement" (spiritual context) and "dissociation" (the psychological term) are quite different.

"disengagement from the psychophysical person, lands one in a positive, spiritual state of being which is indescribable in terms of the former psychophysical person."

It's called "Dissociation".

Look in a mirror. Feel free to remove evrything that is. Ot you, that you don't really need. Is your hand you? Why not cut it off? Why not remove evrything that keeps you trapped?

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