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March 30, 2015


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If we are "willing", we are not awakened. That is why we'd have to stay in samsara.

It is interesting to compare the concept of "karma" with the Augustinean concepts of "Grace" and "Original Sin" as well as with Schopenhauer's conditioned merely phenomenal world of which the substrate is the Will. The common conception here is that the world is completely both conditioned P."sankhata" and phenomenal. But Transcendence-Grace-Awakening is both possible and the only possibility of escape.
But how and by what is it effected ? Can the conditioned being by (conditioned) deeds (virtues, exercises,etc) accumulate merit, good works/karma, which lead eventually after eons of incarnations to Liberation, or is the essence of Liberation rather the instant annihilation of all karma and the very preconditions of karma that follows instantaneously from awakening from the illusion and dream of the phenomenal world ? - i.e. Grace not works or our personal merit saves and we are no longer under the Law (Karma). But then should we not like the Quietist and Dogen just sit and wait for Grace-Illumination-Emancipation to descend upon us? But surely it is essential to desire Liberation, to in a way understand Liberation, and to study and meditate on the Sutras/Scriptures/Masters - these things are (maybe like the Dharani) "sacraments" that are deeds yet transcendent deeds, they are the drum-beats of Dharma than annihilate (like the Vajra) all karma and conditioning of beings. If we are in a dream, it is not by continuing dreaming that we are going to wake up, but if in our dream we start to think about dreams and that such questions as "is life a dream ?" or "am I dreaming?" can be asked, then surely we are on the right path.

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