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February 04, 2015


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To offer additional support from the scriptures, the Lankavatara also refers to the ability of the Buddhas to calm the minds of other beings through Bodhi power. In other words, straight up Zen Buddhism.

I feel sorry for those who believe this light is just a metaphor. I could share much more about it — but this age is evil. I have to be careful.

Most excellent! Thank you!


"The Buddha is the bringer of light to all beings. The suttas say that on the occasion of all the major
events in the Buddha's life, there appeared a surpassing light radiating all over the world, which even
beings living in the darkest part of the world could witness. This light is said to have been so brilliant and
so wonderful that in comparison the sun and the moon lost their splendor.

The Buddha
brings light to beings and dispels the eternal darkness of the world with this brilliant,
marvelous, radiant light.

We may wonder: when the sun and the moon shine day and night in the world, why is
it said that beings are living in darkness?

This darkness is not the darkness that comes from
the absence of the sun or moon or some other illuminating object.

Rather, beings are said
to be living in darkness because greed, hatred, and delusion cover the basic luminous
nature of the mind.

The opening verse of the Dhammapada says that the mind is the forerunner of all activities. When the
mind is tainted, suffering will follow one just as the wheel of a cart follows the foot-step of the ox which
pulls the cart. Likewise, when the mind is pure, then happiness will follow one just as one's shadow follows
one without departing.

The task of purification of the mind begins with faith. Faith is not blind belief. Rather, it is the trust or
confidence that arises by applying the knowing and seeing nature of the faculty of wisdom. "

(Venenable Xin-Xing)

It were as though the Bodhisattvas make of themselves islands of refuge to help save those drowning in the seas of birth and death. It were as though from the mind of the Bodhisattva rise islands and entire worlds of Buddha lands in the dark seas of utter confusion. How wonderful it is to have heard the Dharma! It is like from the dust of samsara arise entire cities with gardens and pools, fortresses of the mind where one may bathe in the Tathagatic bliss of supreme wisdom, and apply the salve of compassion as remedy to the evils of birth and death. How wonderful it is to have heard the Dharma!

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