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January 11, 2015


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Thanks for the .. er.. thoughts! Beautifully stated. I've been noticing (at least in meditation) how my mind just wants to grab onto anything, and how it gives up a bit if I don't give it space to jabber on.
LOVE this sutra:“the self is lord of the self [attâ hi attano natho].”

In case nobody gets it, my post was sarcasm because The Zennist is highly predictable, and so are most of his readers...

Zennist, thank you for responding to my thought-force. I was waiting for you to post this today. The condition of my mind has continued to improve since I stopped your meditation. My 'monkey mind' (as I intended for you to say) has been quiet. Whoever is reading this, leave the Dark Zen cult. It has no purpose but to cause you harm.

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