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January 04, 2015


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(Sigh.) Why are you asking me to come back? I still quit and I'm still fine. End of story. Dickheads. Also, Mas, I am not interested in what you think.

Electric Black: it is the demons in you, tortured by a little bit of meditation (ie. the collecting of the shattered mind) that are reacting like they are here... your reaction is proof that the meditation worked.

I suspect you abused drugs in the past, that's why your mind is so hyperactive and scattered.

I'm also guessing you live unhealthy probably bad diet, vitamin D deficiency, hyperthyroidism, I don't know what. Go see a doctor.

if you abandon the Dharma just because your mind-demons are kicking and screaming then you're not grabbing the only hand that wants to save you in an ocean you're drowning in

I quit and am fine. If any honest people read this...the religious world has many predators. Dark Zen is not a true religion. The Zennist is lying.


E. Black

What ward number are you writing from???

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