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January 05, 2015


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If Buddhism is true, then it can't be destroyed. If it's a false religion, then it deserves to go. But corruption is another matter because corruption can creep into everything. Very shallow awakenings can disguise themselves in a seeker's mind as deep enlightenment, and motivate the production of one tedious "Zen" book after another. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and look to the old masters who kept to the pure narrow way. I keep going back to Hakuin Zenji's "Four Ways of Knowing of the Awakened Person" called "Hakuin on Kensho", with commentary by Albert Low. This is very pure, condensed Buddhist teaching, with no nonsense about it.

"This will happen only in the distant future, when my teaching is waning. In those days, there will be many greedy, shameless bhikkhus, who for the sake of their bellies dare to preach the very words in which I have warned against greed! Because they desert the Truth to gratify their stomachs, and because they sided with sectarians, their preaching will not lead to Nibbana. Their only thought as they preach will be to use fine words and sweet voices to induce lay believers to give them costly robes, delicate food, and every comfort. Others will seat themselves beside the highways, at busy street corners, or at the doors of kings' palaces where they will stoop to preach for money, even for a pittance! Thus these monks will barter away for food, for robes, or for coins, my teaching which leads to liberation from suffering! They will be like those who exchanged precious sandalwood worth a fortune in pure gold for rancid buttermilk."

n. yeti:

Nothing you've said is an exaggeration. I wish it was.

It is even worse than dumbing it down for a modern sensibility (since in humanity's arrogance our species presumes it has it figured out the universe through what can be seen, measured, and empirically shown, but cannot defeat the simplest of glandular desires or cut off unwholesome mental outflows at the root).

There is a sizeable army of evil doers who seek to destroy the Buddha-dharma through infiltration and subterfuge, bending the wonderful dharma into grotesque shapes and attempting to putrify that which is untainted. These destructive menaces hope to wring dry the fabric of Buddhism of all salvific essence and convert it to a mummy wrapper to embalm and entomb any hope of attaining unsurpassed awakening.

Giving succor to unclean views which emerge from the defiled garbha, the sublime teachings are stripped of their mystical significance and those who adhere to the true dharma are ridiculed or marginalized as slightly daft, quaint, or simply antiquarians who no longer have a place in the splendid world of Mara. Monks who once turned away from the world to refine their inward gnosis now preach hedonism, write blog posts encouraging canine toadyism, and seek to enrich themselves through exploiting the weak-minded in what amounts to an unending annuity from their followers. Today's "dharma heirs" espouse such flat out nonsense that I am flabbergasted they can even call themselves Buddhists.

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