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December 15, 2014


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It goes even further. Science, rationality, objectivity, materialism and atheism are all seen as one thing. In fact, they are all different. A person who believes they are the same will tell you that mystical insight is subjective, therefore immaterial, therefore unscientific. They will say, especially since there is no God, or any ultimate reality. I believe that THAT is a subjective, emotional opinion. By confusing science with philosophy, materialism seeks to replace science. This tactic is more about war than knowledge. It seeks to convert, not to inform.

On a very different note, I have been thinking about death and my next incarnation lately. Does Buddhism have anything to say about the presence and purpose of other worlds or other universes? As in, parallel realities and the lifeforms in them. I have been looking at the image of Mara clutching the wheel. How does Buddhism order the universes, plural? This matters to me because of a personal encounter with what lies beyond. I want to how Buddhism might help me to understand the experience, and what will happen next.

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