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December 10, 2014


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Usefulness, in my world, is defined by whatever gets results. Jealous people would like to change that definition. One way they try, is to claim that certain beliefs aren't real. But that is illogical, for if it is working for me, it is real. The other thing they like to claim is that I am crazy.

Let me tell you something. The goal of psychiatry is not mental health. It is to make sure you fit in. Therefore, if we all went crazy at the same time, it would be just fine. I used to see a psychiatrist. This is what he told me. I asked him and he told me. If we were all crazy, it would be fine. I know I am not the one who is crazy.

Last night I had a dream. It was just a dream, but it had very real content. I learned something from it. Does that make me crazy? Are we crazy for seeing truth in a novel or a movie? Whoever said the Buddha doesn't exist, is guilty of whatever they accuse me of being.

What is going on? People believe whatever they tell themselves, even when their experience says otherwise. The world we live in is crazy. We are told enormous lies, and we become outcasts for seeing through them.

One way in which the corruption (indeed the deep degeneracy) of contemporary Zen is visible is in how the materialist, who has not accepted the full truth of Buddhism because it conflicts with appearances and logic of grasping mental habits (which always seek an object differentiated from the oneness of mind), takes part of the teachings literally while rejecting other parts as allegory or metaphor.

This selective, discriminating form of Buddhism, which is not, in truth, Buddhism at all but a twisted and devilish delusion, leads people to such conclusions as "everything is empty", while failing to see that such a concept is by its very nature an object discriminated by mind, and not a realization of emptiness at all.

Therefore lacking the merit to perceive the reality of Buddha's complete and progressive teachings, which are transcendent of this world of appearances, and believing themselves quite free from the repercussions of their actions through grotesquely dimensioned lifetimes, these unfortunate ones settle for the utility of moral nihilism in the here and now or a quick fix to address anxiety or grief without rooting out and cutting off the craving that leads to such unwholesome mental states.

This is most unfortunate, because while the ignorance remains intact, the mind remains stained, and the conduct and karma which arises from such a mentality shall also be stained and impure, leading to various states of woe experienced through rebirth. Mara is happy to laugh alongside the wretched unfortunate who, chuckling over his cleverness, builds a shaft to lower birth, brick by intellectual brick.

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